Mansfield Railway & Transportation Company at Mansfield, Louisiana, in 1907; excerpts from American Lumberman magazine.  
Source: "A Graphic Story of the Frost-Trigg Interests in Louisiana, Arkansas and Texas", American Lumberman, March 30, 1907. Chicago: American Lumberman, 1907. pp. 51-114.

The Mansfield Railway & Transportation Company plays such an active part in the destinies of the De Soto Land & Lumber Company that a general description of the facilities of the Frost-Trigg interests would not be complete without a short reference to that general traffic line.

This road, which was originally built by the citizens of Mansfield to connect that parish seat with the Texas & Pacific railway, was not in particularly active operation until the advent in Mansfield of the De Soto Land & Lumber Company. Some of the stockholders in the lumber company interested themselves in the matter, and as a result the little traffic road changed hands and its active officers are now E. A. Frost, president; A. J. Peavy, vice president and general manager; E. H. Payne, secretary and treasurer, and R. J. Wilson, superintendent.

This road has nine employees, two miles of fine road with rails of 56-pound steel, a passenger coach, six box and one express car and one Rogers 30-ton rod engine.

A local firm has leased the passenger service of the line and runs over the road two high class motor cars which carry twenty-five or thirty passengers each and which connect Mansfield with all Texas & Pacific trains. This line is also connected with the Kansas City Southern.

It probably handles 5,000 passengers a year, practically all the general freight that comes to the town of Mansfield over the Texas Pacific system and certainly all of the express that is delivered by way of the Pacific Express Company.

When the new management took possession of the road it laid it with new steel and new ties and built three new and necessary bridges.

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