George Morland Bowie (1846-1918), biography c. 1925
[from A History of Wm. Cameron & Co.]
  Source: Tolson, R. J. A History of Wm. Cameron & Co., Inc.: With a Biographical Sketch of Wm. Cameron and Others. Waco, Texas: Wm. Cameron & Co., Incorporated, 1926.
  G. M. BOWIE  

Mr. G.M. BOWIE, who at one time was a partner in the firm of Wm. Cameron Company, first became associated with the company as joint manager of the yard at Weatherford, Texas, (with Mr. Willard Burton) in the year 1880. In the following year, 1881, when Mr. Burton was transferred to Abilene, Mr. Bowie was made manager at Weatherford, which position he retained until 1887, when the second Southern Division partnership of Wm. Cameron & Company was formed at Waco and Mr. Bowie became an active partner in the firm with Messrs. Wm. Cameron, W. B. Brazelton and C. L. Johnson.

After this partnership was formed Mr. Bowie became the active supervisor of all the yards which had hitherto been controlled by the Western Division of the firm, located on the Fort Worth & Denver Road and the yards at Weatherford, Granbury and Cleburne, and remained in this capacity until the year 1891-2, when he then moved to Whitecastle, Louisiana, and took charge of the cypress lumber and shingle mill which the firm had just acquired at that point. Mr. Bowie continued as a partner of the firm until 1897, when the partnership was dissolved and a short time later he removed to Weatherford, in which city he resided up to the time of his death.

During the last twenty years of Mr. Bowie’s lifetime he became interested in numerous business enterprises in that city. He was the Vice-President of the First National Bank at Weatherford and stockholder in the Weatherford Cotton Mills, Crystal Ice Company, the W.M.W.N.W. Railroad, the Frantz Standard Buckle Company, the Gulf Export and Transportation Company of Beaumont, and several other enterprises. He became one of the most prominent figures and zealous workers in the Chamber of Commerce of that city and his death was deplored by the entire community. Mr. Bowie was born at Forchabers, Scotland, December 20, 1846, and he died at Weatherford on August 8, 1918.

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