Peter A. Doucette, biography c. 1910
[from American Lumberman magazine]
  Source: “Lone Star Pine”, American Lumberman, September 26, 1908. Chicago, 1908. pp. 67-150.
  Peter A. Doucette.  

Peter A. Doucette, one of the best known saw milling men, and the best known logging man in Texas and probably one of the best qualified loggers in the United States, was born in Quebec, Canada, on the St. Lawrence river, opposite the town of Three Rivers at Doucette's Landing, March 22, 1878, and at 14 was doing a man's work, as he has for thirty-six years, two-thirds of that time in the lumber woods, north and south.

He brought the "peavey" and the art of running logs in rivers with him to Texas in 1879, cutting logs for Olive & Sternenberg on Village creek, and rafted timber on Village creek from Village Mills to Beaumont.

Seventeen years ago Mr. Doucette was a stockholder in the Nebraska Lumber Company at Doucette. In 1891 he took charge of the business in Doucette, was there interested with William McCready, was a member of Doucette & Chapman; came to Sour Lake during the oil boom, built a 20,000 capacity mill and followed sawmilling there and later at Batson, La.; thence back to Sour Lake; was active in the organization of the Frisco Lumber Company and its absorption by the Thompson & Ford Lumber Company. He is now a stockholder in that company and naturally has charge of its woods work.

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