Emmett A. Fletcher, biography c. 1926
[New Encyclopedia of Texas]
  Source: Davis, Ellis A. and Edwin H. Grobe, eds. New Encyclopedia of Texas. Dallas, Tex. Texas Development Bureau, 1926. Vol. I, p. 992.

EMMETT A. FLETCHER for many years has been prominently identified with commercial and industrial enterprises at Beaumont, and is firmly established as a business man whose influence is felt in every walk of life. Mr. Fletcher is president of the Beaumont Building Material Company, one of the large building supply establishments at Beaumont, and one which through the large annual volume of business done contributes materially to the prosperity of Beaumont. Mr. Fletcher is also vice president of the Neches Canal Company, which, like other enterprises in which he is interested, shows the results of his constructive business policies, and is a sound and capably directed organization, occupying an integral place in the business world. Mr. Fletcher also has numerous other interests, and owns city and country property. Allied as he is with these various interests of wide scope, few men are better able to influence civic prosperity, and few have done more to secure business advantages for Beaumont.

Emmett A. Fletcher was born at Beaumont, the tenth of October, 1868, the son of William A. Fletcher, and Julia Long Fletcher. William A. Fletcher was one of the real pioneers of Beaumont, coming here in the early days and taking a prominent part in the development of the lumber resources of this section, building up a large and prosperous lumber and sawmill business. He also took a deep interest in all that concerned the upbuilding of Beaumont, contributing generously to all movements launched for the development of the rapidly growing city, and his name has many memorials in the Beaumont of today, and is honored as that of one of the real builders of the city.

Emmett A. Fletcher attended the public schools of his native city, after which he began his business career. Like his father, he entered the saw mill business, and later became interested in the various branches of the lumber business, building up extensive interests in this field. These interests he sold in 1901 to the Kirby Lumber Company in the early days of the boom at Spindle Top. From 1902 until 1906 he served the city of Beaumont as alderman, using his influence while in this office to secure important civic development. In 1906 he was elected mayor of Beaumont and served twelve consecutive years, elected six times of two years each and then retired of his own accord and under his administration Beaumont enjoyed one of the greatest periods of civic development of its history. Through his efforts the city water works was bought from private ownership and developed into a utility with facilities to serve the growing city, extending water service to all parts of Beaumont. Mr. Fletcher also secured for Beaumont while serving as mayor the property on the ship channel for the municipal ship docks, and began the development of this project. He was instrumental in laying many miles of pavement, and in securing other public improvements, and in outlining a program for expansion which has done much to promote progress.

Mr. Fletcher was married at Beaumont in 1915, to Miss Gladys Thompson, a native of Louisiana. They have an attractive home at 1203 North Street, and are popular members of the social set of Beaumont. Mr. Fletcher is a member of the Country Club and fraternally is an Elk. Throughout his business career he has occupied a position of leadership, encouraging commercial and industrial development and expansion, and has rendered an important service to Beaumont in this respect. He has also participated in all civic movements which have had to do with the welfare and upbuilding of Beaumont and has allied himself with the various organizations of this kind. Few men have done more, or have worked more unselfishly for the good of Beaumont than has Mr. Fletcher, and the high place he occupies in public esteem is but his just due.

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