Hetty Green, biography c. 1895
[from America's Succesful Men of Affairs]
  Source: Hall, Henry. America's Successful Men of Affairs. An Encyclopedia of Contemporaneous Biography, p. 277. [New York]: New York tribune, 1895.

MRS. HETTY HOWLAND ROBINSON GREEN, capitalist, better known as Mrs. Hetty Green, was born in New Bedford, Mass., Nov. 24, 1835. She is a granddaughter of the late Isaac Howland, and daughter of Edward Mort Robinson, a prominent shipping merchant of New Bedford, who, by a life of marked enterprise and strong natural powers, gained a fortune of several millions. Upon his death, June 14, 1865, a large part of this fortune descended to his daughter Hetty. The latter was married in 1867 to Edward H. Green, a merchant of New York city. Mrs. Green aided her father in the management of his large estate, and thus, early in life, gained an acquaintance with business methods, which subsequently proved of value. She has retained control of his fortune, and devoted herself with ability to its management and increase.

By careful investment, she has become a large holder of stock in sound railroad companies in the West and South, in The Chemical National Bank, and in business blocks and other real estate in Chicago and other parts of the country. A woman of remarkable force of character, Mrs. Green displays little taste for the recreations of fashionable life but derives great pleasure from business pursuits. She is shrewd and exceedingly competent, while at the same time animated with a kindly heart and a spirit of unfailing good nature.

Her purchases of new properties are made with sound judgment and generally with excellent success. For a number of years, she operated to some extent in Wall street. Probably no other woman in America travels so much as she, but her trips to various parts of the country have business purposes in view. They are not made solely for recreation. She is rather above the middle height, large in frame, with gray eyes, a strong nose, and regular features. Her children are Edward H. R. Green and Sylvia Green.

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