Andrew E. Kerry, biography c. 1910
[from American Lumberman magazine]
  Source: “Lone Star Pine”, American Lumberman, September 26, 1908. Chicago, 1908. pp. 67-150.
  A. E. Kerr.  

A. K Kerr, treasurer of the Thompson & Ford Lumber Company, Sour Lake, Tex., is a self made man who has made great progress in the world of business and who will yet achieve many other successes. Mr. Kerr was born near Cleburne, Tex., January 31, 1876. In his early life he worked on a farm and went to school, and at the age of 21 went to Grandview, Tex., where he attended the Grandview Collegiate Institute three years, finishing his schooling in the term of the junior year of that institution.

After leaving school Mr. Kerr taught school, worked on a farm and clerked in a country store, and came into the lumber business in July, 1902, but securing a position as timekeeper with the Palmetto Lumber Company, at Palmetto, Tex. He went from that position to assistant office man and was made secretary and treasurer of the company at the end of his first two years' service.

He became at once a stockholder in the Palmetto Lumber Company, buying his stock in small blocks from his savings.

When the Frisco Lumber company was organized Mr. Kerr came to Sour Lake and became the secretary and treasurer, also local manager, of that company, and from the Frisco Lumber Company he came into the Thompson & Ford Lumber Company. Mr. Kerr married in November, 1902, Miss Leonora Pitts, of Grandview, Tex.

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