C. J. Robertson, biography c. 1926
[New Encyclopedia of Texas]
  Source: Davis, Ellis A. and Edwin H. Grobe, eds. New Encyclopedia of Texas. Dallas, Tex. Texas Development Bureau, 1926. Vol. I, p. 649.

C.J. ROBERTSON has, for more than a score of years, been engaged in the lumber business and is vice-president and general manager of the Robertson-MacDonald Lumber Company, of Houston. This company, with office at 215 Humble Building, was organized in 1916, and Mr. Robertson was one of the organizers. Since 1902, Mr. Robertson has devoted his entire time to the lumber business, and is recognized as an expert in all matters pertaining to lumber. The Robertson- MacDonald Lumber Company have a saw mill at Devers, Texas and saw fifty thousand feet of lumber daily. They also sell pine and hard-wood lumber at wholesale throughout the United States. They specialize in oil field lumber and have lumber yards at West Columbia, Goose Creek and Houston. Besides the number of people employed at their several lumber yards, two hundred are in the saw mill organization. Mr. William A. Robertson is secretary and treasurer of the Robertson-MacDonald Lumber Company.

Mr. Robertson was born in Chicago November 25th, 1880. His father. William A. Robertson is the secretary and treasurer of the company, and has been with the company since its organization. Mr. Robertson's education was obtained in the public and high schools of Chicago. Mr. Robertson started his business career when twenty years of age, with a Plantation Company, in Mexico, where he remained from 1900 to 1902. Returning to the States, he entered the lumber business in Texas as manager of the C. R. Cummings Export Company in Chambers County, in 1902, and came to Houston, in 1906, as manager of the Cummings Export Company here, and remained with them until 1916, when he organized the present company. During his long experience in the lumber business Mr. Robertson has handled every end of the business from the saw mill on through every phase of this great industry. Mr. Robertson was married in Chicago in June, 1904, to Miss Hazel French, a native of Chicago, and a daughter of W. H. French, president of Barnhart Brothers and Spindler, of Chicago; this firm being one of the largest companies engaged in this business in the United States. They have two children —Charles and Charlotte. Mr. Robertson is a member of the Houston Country Club, and the Lumbermen's Club. He has always been prominently identified with all movements tending to promote the growth and importance of Houston, and has an abiding faith in the future of this city, and is confident that its wonderful opportunities will cause it to become the leading city of the Southwest.

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