Some biographical notes on R. L. Weathersby, from "Timber Resources of East Texas", published by the American Lumberman magazine, c. 1902.  
Source: American Lumberman. "Timber Resources of East Texas, Their Recognition And Development", originally published in American Lumberman November 22, 1902. Chicago: American Lumberman, 1902.
  Excerpt from "CHAPTER XI., Tram and Logging Department":  

The tram and logging department of the company is under the guidance of F. M. Aldridge and R. L. Weathersby. Mr. Aldridge is the manager of the department and his efforts are ably seconded by those of Mr. Weathersby. Both gentlemen have had a great deal of experience in the conduct of railroad and logging operations in various parts of the country prior to their connection with the Kirby Lumber Company.

Mr. Weathersby is a frank, unassuming gentleman whose principal aim in life is a determination to “get there” regardless of the toil necessary to success. He was born at Monticello, Lawrence county, Miss., on the 5th day of July, 1870, and resided at that place until 18 years of age. In 1888 he moved to Chester, Tex. It was not until 1893, however, that his career as a railroader began. He entered the employ of the Gulf, Beaumont & Kansas City railway as assistant in its shops, but shortly afterward went on the road as fireman. Soon after he was transferred to the tram road operated by the Texas Pine Land Association in a similar capacity, and from this humble position to superintendent of the association's logging operations was the next step made by this progressive young man. He was one of the assets of the Silsbee and Lillard mills when they were assigned to the Kirby Lumber Company and early in 1902 was tendered the position of general superintendent of the tram roads and logging operations of the company.

Mr. Weathersby has worked in every capacity of the logging business from the shops to the position of general superintendent and is intimately acquainted with the work in all its phases. He has the rare faculty of pleasing both employer and those he employs and during his nine years' experience in the several capacities he has served the company complaint has never been lodged against him.

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