San Antonio & Aransas Pass Railway Section of the Southern Pacific Seniority List, July 1st, 1925.

Source: Southern Pacific Railroad Company. Official Seniority List, The Order of Railroad Telegraphers, Southern Pacific Atlantic System Division No. 72, Houston District. Agents, Telegraphers, Towermen, etc. July 1st, 1925. Copy provided by Lester Haines.

  Note: Date format is "Year_Month-Day"  
Name Seniority Occupation Location
Albertson, L. L. 1907_03-11 Manager "N" San Antonio
Ammann, J. A. 1913_04-23 Agent Schulenburg
Amsler, D. W. 1925_02-08 Operator Extra
Amsler, L. P. 1924_12-12 Operator Texas City Jct.
Antes, P. 1919_08-04 Agent Converse
Atkinson, A. L. 1917_05-01 Ticket Agt. San Antonio

Baggese, C. J. 1916_10-06 Agent Sugarland
Bailey, L. H. 1924_07-12 Operator Sugarland
Ball, H. E. 1917_07-05 Operator Withers
Bednark, F. H. 1891_09-03 Assistant Supt. San Antonio
Beeching, L. A. 1918_03-17 Operator Houston T81
Belew, T. H. 1898_01-25 Agent Fulshear
Bently, C. C. 1922_11-01 Operator Wallis
Blankenship, O. 1924_07-28 Operator Sugarland
Bolton, E. F. 1917_07-07 Agent Marion
Boren, J. M. 1922_09-26 Operator Seguin
Burris, M. V. 1910_03-28 Operator E. Yards
Bussey, M. N. 1918_07-04 Operator Glidden
Byrd, L. S. 1906_01-28 Chief Dispatcher San Antonio

Cameron, A. G. 1921_03-11 Operator N San Antonio
Caperton, W. W. 1919_05-12 Operator N San Antonio
Carle, E. E. 1916_07-29 Agent East Bernard
Cearnal, A. E. 1891_02-28 Operator Eagle Lake
Cherry, W. H., Jr. 1907_01-03 Operator Seabrook
Chism, R. V. 1917_12-13 Agent Cibolo
Cox, G. C. 1900_12-16 Operator N San Antonio
Curry, D. W. 1923_08-28 Operator Galveston Yd.

Davis, P. D. 1923_02-10 Towerman San Antonio
Dendy, J. L. 1922_05-27 Operator Glidden
Derr, C. 1918_11-13 Chief Operator Yoakum
Dowda, M. M. 1919_03-25 Towerman San Antonio
Dowdell, G. C. 1916_07-28 Operator Harrisburg
Dupree, U. J. 1919_07-29 Operator Eagle Lake

Edmunds, W. R. 1902_09-24 Agent Boerne
Eversole, H. W. 1906_12-14 Agent Rock Island
Ferris, T. L. 1917_05-01 Towerman San Antonio
Finck, E. R. 1923_09-30 Operator Flatonia
Finney, R. A. 1919_04-09 Towerman Rosenberg
Floyd, J. M. 1919_10-26 Agent Simonton
Ford, W. A. 1924_03-27 Operator Richmond
Fox, A. C. 1901_01-01 Agent-Operator Nixon

Gale, C. R. 1920_02-20 Bridge Tender Seabrook
Gardner, A. F. 1918_01-19 Agent Rosenberg
Goforth, J. M. 1891_03-17 Agent Comfort
Goodwin, J. H. 1920_07-05 Agent Missouri City
Gowens, J. H. 1924_08-13 Operator Extra

Haddon, W. J. 1898_05-14 Operator E. Yards
Hall, C. A. 1918_07-17 Agent Sublime
Hammond, C. H. 1919_07-22 Operator Wallis
Hammond, P. H. 1913_01-12 Agent Waring
Harris, C. C. 1903_07-25 Towerman Rosenberg
Harris, C. J. 1924_11-07 Operator Texas City Jct.
Harris, J. D., Sr. 1906_03-08 Agent-Operator Lavernia
Hartley, V. H. 1923_07-21 Operator Schertz
Hatchett, N. P. 1917_05-01 Agent Fredericksburg Jct.
Hawthorne, J. B. 1925_06-16 Operator Extra
Henderson, J. 1920_10-09 Operator Yoakum
Herbert, B. A. 1922_05-16 Operator Galveston Yd.
Hesskew, W. R. 1923_12-06 Towerman Extra
Hicks, J. M. 1915_10-13 Agent-Operator Stockdale
Hildebrand, L. F. 1904_05-28 Agent Center Point
Holchak, H. C. 1910_05-01 Operator Extra
Holt, W. H. 1906_01-04 Agent Waelder
Hopkins, J. J. 1924_02-03 Towerman Extra
Humphrey, J. C. 1906_11-01 Operator Luling

Ivy, L. J. 1924_08-28 Operator Extra

Johnson, D. H. 1905_02-22 Chief Dispatcher San Antonio
Johnson, E.J. 1918_08-27 Agent Kingsbury
Johnson, Ed. 1912_05-22 Agent-Pumper San Leon
Johnson, M. M. 1922_12-31 Operator Schulenburg
Johnson, O. B. 1921_04-12 Operator Withers
Jolly, W. R. 1915_07-23 Operator Withers
Jones, C. P. 1918_01-23 Agent LaGrange
Jones, Jake 1919_10-30 Towerman San Antonio
Jones, N. A. 1921_04-25 Agent Kelly Field
Jordan, A. L. 1903_07-14 Agent Chesterville

Keller, R. G. 1912_09-26 Operator Harrisburg
Kelly, I. H. 1924_01-24 Agent Lissie
Kindred, W. 1916_10-16 Agent Columbus
Name Seniority Occupation Location
Koehl, F. 1909_08-04 Agent Schertz
Kortlang, H. A. 1924_08-19 Operator Extra
Kuykendall, J. K. 1919_01-07 Operator Houston T81

Lauraine, W. K. 1916_10-12 Operator Extra
Leehin, F. G. 1919_12-30 Towerman San Antonio
Lester, W. H. 1891_10-09 Operator Weimar
Little, H. G. 1915_12-26 Operator Schulenburg
Logan, D. E. 1917_04-20 Operator Glidden
Luckenback, W.A. 1918_10-05 Operator Seguin

McCown, A. C. 1913_07-13 Operator N San Antonio
McQueen, E. T. 1918_05-24 Agent Altair
Medlin, H. E. 1924_06-08 Operator Houston T81
Meisell, H. E. 1913_08-30 Agent Kerrville
Meyer, M. V. 1888_04-03 Agent Flatonia
Minshew, V. 1914_09-15 Operator Missouri City
Moore, B. F. 1912_09-04 Agent Seguin
Mulcahy, G. R. 1924_09-25 Operator Extra
Myres, G. W. 1919_05-14 Agent-Operator LaPorte
Myres, J. C. 1914_07-22 Towerman Galveston

Nelson, W. G. 1918_11-21 Operator San Antonio
Newman, H. 1916_03-05 Operator Rosenberg
Ney, N. C. 1898_07-29 Agent Eagle Lake
Nulty, G. P. 1921_01-26 Towerman San Antonio

Oliver, R. A. 1924_01-27 Operator West Jct.
O'Neall, R. E. 1918_03-27 Operator Hallettsville
O'Neill, R. E. 1923_12-22 Operator Sugarland
Ostrander, H. A. 1918_09-03 ATI Houston
Owen, W. A. 1916_05-28 Agent LaPorte

Peek, C. P. 1919_03-25 Towerman San Antonio
Pelata, J. H. 1918_09-01 Towerman San Antonio
Pennington, C. C. 1923_06-03 Operator Eagle Lake
Pennington, E. E. 1925_06-20 Agent Extra
Perkins, F. A. 1924_12-14 Operator Texas City Jct.
Phelps, W. B. 1907_08-02 Operator "NC" San Antonio
Pierce, A. 1903_06-16 Agent Sweet Home
Popham, L. B. 1924_02-06 Towerman Extra
Porter, E. S. 1920_01-06 Operator Harrisburg
Porter, R. W. 1911_09-07 Agent-Operator Seabrook
Powers, J. J. 1919_04-05 Agent Ellinger
Price, H. F. 1923_10-17 Operator Flatonia
Pybus, L.H., Mrs. 1919_05-27 Agent Adkins

Rabb, T. W. 1916_03-08 Operator Luling
Rather, W. H. 1888_03-02 Agent Richmond
Reaves, W. B. 1912_05-21 Operator Gonzales
Rennels, J. 1918_10-09 Towerman Rosenberg
Rogers, H. T. 1916_10-28 Agent Pasadena
Ross, H. D. 1913_11-07 Operator Galveston Yd.
Rothe, H. C. 1901_11-30 Dispatcher San Antonio

Segrest, C. C. 1920_02-07 Agent-Operator Westhoff
Shatto, A. P. 1880_09-20 Agent Weimar
Shell, D. 1924_03-29 Operator Schulenburg
Shuptrine, J. E. 1889_05-01 Agent Gonzales
Smith, A. C. 1922_07-01 Agent Alleyton
Smith, H. D. 1913_12-05 Agent Sheridan
States, E. G. 1918_01-14 Operator "HN" Houston
Stevens, Ed. 1917_10-24 Towerman Galveston
Strasding, A. W. 1920_09-17 Bridge Tender Seabrook
Stroud, C. W. 1900_06-01 Operator West Jct.
Stuart, L. W. 1907_01-01 Agent Engle
Sundberg, H. A. 1920_07-02 Operator Flatonia

Thibodaux, D. J. 1923_12-25 Operator Waelder
Thomas, J. G. 1905_12-12 Operator Extra
Thompson, C. 1913_07-10 Agent Clodine
Tomlinson, W. M. 1902_05-01 Agent Wallis
Tribe, J. E., Jr. 1924_04-21 Operator Wallis
Turner, R. M. 1912_06-04 Operator Seguin

Vandergrift, F. 1922_12-24 Operator Nixon
Vanderhider, C.A. 1922_12-02 Towerman San Antonio

Wagner, O. C. 1915_06-17 Agent Yoakum
Wallace, R. C. 1914_05-11 Agent-Operator Sutherland Spgs.
Watts, W. F. 1891_05-01 Agent Harwood
Webb, I. B. 1922_07-26 Operator Waelder
Weiss, F. F. 1901_12-02 Operator E. Yards
West, E. H. 1919_12-30 Towerman San Antonio
Westerlage, R. H. 1918_01-02 Towerman Galveston
Wilburn, G. P. 1921_01-28 Agent Glidden
Williams, C. C. 1906_04-17 Dispatcher San Antonio
Winthrop, T. C. 1903_04-23 Agent Hallettsville
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