Louisiana Railroads Identified as "Tap Lines", 1910. (American Lumberman, 1910)  
  Source: “Important Developments In Connection With The Tapline Rate Controversy”, American Lumberman, April 13, 1910.  
The American Lumberman published this of Louisiana logging railroads that had their division rates cancelled by their connecting common carrier railroads. It was left to the I.C.C. in the “Tap Line Case” of 1911 and 1912 to determine which of these roads were common carrier and which were mere facilities of a saw mill plant.

Arkansas & Gulf, Willlmot, Ark., and Laark, La.
Arkansas Southeastern, Randolph, La.
Bernice & Northwestern, Bernice, La.
Black Bayou, Myrtistown, La.
Bodcaw Valley, Alden Bridge, La.
Dallas, Sabine & New Orleans, Hart, La.
Delhi, Baskin & Southwestern, Rayville, La.
Dorcheat Valley, Cotton Valley, La.
Edgewood Land & Logging Company, Ltd., Westlake, La.
Enterprise Railway, Alexandria, La.
Gulf & Sabine River, Fullerton, La.
Kingston railroad, Kingston, La.
Lake Charles Railway & Navigation Company, Lake Charles, La.
Leesville East & West, Leesville, La.
Loring & Western, Loring, La.
Louisiana & Eastern, Ludington, La.
Louisiana & Pacific, De Ridder, La.
Louisiana Central, Barham and Cravens, La.
Louisiana Railway, Selma, La.
Mangham & Northeastern, Mangham, La.
Mansfield Railway & Transportation Company.
Martindale & Ouachita River, Bollinger, La.
Mill Creek & Little River Railway & Navigation, Manistee, La.
Missouri & Louisiana, Carson and Neame, La.
Monroe Southwestern, Monroe, La.
Natchez, Ball & Shreveport, Pollock, La.
Natchez, Urania & Ruston, Urania, La.
North Louisiana & Gulf, Hodge, La
Ouachita & Northwestern, Clarks, La.
Red River & Gulf, Longleaf, La.
Red River & Rocky Mountain, Antrim, La.
Sabine & Eastern, Ayers, La.
Sabine & Northern, Juanita, La., and Deweyville, Tex.
Shreveport, Alexandria & Southwestern – Louisiana & Pacific Division, Woodworth & Louisiana, Central division, De Ridder and Woodworth, La.
Shreveport, Noble & Southern, Noble, La.
Swartz & Ouachita City, Swartz, La.
Tioga & Southeastern, Tioga, La.
Victoria, Fisher & Western, Fisher, La.
Woodworth & Louisiana Central.
Zwolle & Eastern, Zwolle, La.

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