Stagecoach Operators in Texas in 1891  
Texas Railroad Commission archives, Box no. 2-22/603. Published in Journal of Texas Shortlines and Transportation, Vol. 2, No. 2. Lester Haines: Austin, 1997.

1. Belton to Salado operated by T.R. Russel of Salado.

2. Burnet to Llano operated by S.T. Singletary & Company of Lampasas.

3. Cameron to Davila operated by Burnett Bradley of Cameron.

4. Davila to Bartlett operated by T.J. Mills of Davila, Williamson County.

5. Rockdale to Davila operated by Joseph Cummings of Rockdale.

6. Georgetown to Florence operated by Jonathan E. Hibig and later Daniel D. Sholner of Florence.

7. Georgetown to Corn Hill operated by G.A. Ratliff of Corn Hill.

8. Lampasas to Llano operated by Martin & Singletary of Lampasas

9. Lampasas to Evant operated by Wallas Hill of Lampasas.

10. Lampasas to Bend operated by J.S. Jackson of Lampasas.

11. San Saba to Lometa operated by W.R. Doran & Son of San Saba.

12. San Saba to Llano operated by W.R. Doran & Son of San Saba.

13. San Marcos to Blanco operated by R.J. Duncan of San Marcos.

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